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セックス エロ At the present age where cunniling dislike men increase, the number of women who wish to cunnily increases sharply. A relaxation esthetic "Feather Touch" that makes a long time cunnie is talked about in women's magazines and it is said that it can not be booked one month ahead. Some of the female customers who use it will be stuck closely to male practitioners despite the prohibition of production. Complete voyeurism of forbidden treatment scenery.

クンニ嫌いの男性が増える現代で、クンニをして欲しい女性が急増。長時間クンニをするリラクゼーションエステ「フェザータッチ」が女性誌で話題になり、1ヶ月先まで予約が取れない状態だという。利用する女性客の中には本番禁止にも関わらず、男性施術師に詰め寄りついついヤッてしまう人もいるらしい…。禁断の施術風景を完全盗撮。 by Javfinder