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When I got home, my wife Kato Tsubaki greeted me with a smile. "Welcome back, are you going to eat ahead? Would you like to take a bath or take a bath or lick it?" And I will tell you that I will kill my Jinba, so I will say "Let's lick it". If you try to enter the house, camelli pulling my pants off at the entrance. I say to such a luxurious camellia "Do not do, if someone comes, what do you do ~" in a troubled feel, but I'm really very happy ~ ♪

家 に帰ると、ぼくの妻・加藤ツバキが笑顔でお出迎え。「おかえりなさ~い、先に食事にする?お風呂にする?それとも舐め舐めするぅ~?」と言って、 ぼくの金玉をモミモミするから、ついつい「じゃ~舐め舐め」って言っちゃう。家の中に入ろうとしたら玄関でぼくのズボンをズリ下ろすツバキ。ぼくは、そん な豪快なツバキに「だめだよ、誰か来たらどうするのよ~」と困った感じで言うけど、本当はとっても嬉しいんだぁ~♪

by Javfinder