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Jav Sex Two men came to a deserted ryokan, and one man who was scrambling cheated and kicked out as saying "There seems to be a mixed bathing school girl gathering in a nearby hot spring inn." In the meantime I called Miss Derihel and thought about having fun with myself, the brought back who took me out came back. And I began to eroticate with Miss Deliher! ! A polite foreplay that starts from the immediate scale. Both of us feel comfortable and the last one is Cream Pie Finish! That's it! You called Deriheru for you, it's nothing (cry)

さびれた旅館に男2人で来てしまって、ムラムラした片方の男が、「近くの温泉宿に女子大生が集まる混浴があるらしいよ」と連れをだまして追い出した。 その間にデリヘル嬢を呼び出し自分だけ楽しもうと思ったのに、追い出したはずの連れが戻ってきちゃった。 そして勝手にデリヘル嬢とエッチしはじめちゃった!! 即尺からはじまって丁寧な前戯。 2人とも気持ちよくなっちゃって最後は中出しフィニーッシュ! んだよ!おまえのためにデリヘル呼んだんじゃねえっつーの(泣)

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