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A woman who works seriously is beautiful and disgusting. Case record that happened to such a beautiful working woman. This time two people who are kidnapped, a new person OL Mihara Eria and his senior Yuki Snowyer got into the gloom from the work and encountered a pinch from the front, backwards. No, stop it! Although it resists but while a pussy gets wet it gets crowded with two people to eleven Suwara 3P cum shot! Mr. Suwara Eria who tastes the pleasure that pierces the brains repeatedly over and over again!

真 面目に働く女性は美しい、そしていやらしい。 そんな美しき勤労女性に起きた事件簿。 今回は新人OL水原えれなとその先輩白雪ことりが仕事帰り暗がりに入ったところを前方、後方から挟み撃ちに逢い、拉致られる2人。いや~、やめて!と抵抗 しながらもオマンコ濡れまくりの水原えれなちゃんに男が2人群がり3P中出しファック!何度も何度も繰り返しイかされて、脳天に突き刺さるほどの快感を味 わう水原えれながエロい!

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