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エロ まん か 先生 "Working with my husband is only on weekends." Ogura Saori 31 years old. Mother of a child usually working as a clerk at a home center. Saori says that he can only sex with his husband on weekends only though he is still in the fourth year of marriage. "I understand that my work is busy ... but I have a lot of fun with entertainment and company relationships and how difficult it is." The couple's time is less than loneliness that can not be sexually simple It seems to be more problematic .... "When you get married, it is like a pledge that sexes can be sexually live, but you still feel satisfied as a woman" (laugh)! Look at her one-sex-seeing sex that she does not want to waste a minute or a second for it! !

「夫との営みは週末だけなんです。」小倉沙織さん31歳。普段はホームセンターの店員として働く一児の母。まだ結婚4年目だというのにご主人とは週末限定でしかセックスできないという沙織さん。「仕事が忙しいのは分かるんですけどね…でも接待や会社の付き合いで遊びも多くて、どれぐらい大変なのかなって勘ぐっちゃいますけど。」夫婦の時間が少ない淋しさよりも単純にセックスできないことの方が問題だそうで…。「結婚って、男女が堂々と生でセックスできる誓約みたいなものですよね。なのにまだこの年で週1、2回?満足するわけないじゃないですか(笑)!」女としての悦びを感じるために一分一秒も無駄にしたくないというスケベな彼女の一発入根セックスをご覧あれ!! by Javfinder