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"Looking at the news, I thought it was exactly to me ..." Eri Miya, 30 years old. Humbly housewife in the eighth year of dazzling marriage with plump bust of 100 centimeters. I earn a baby boy with my husband of school faculty and staff, and now I live a peaceful life. However ... "My husband was originally an experienced footballer, but since I became an advisor to the football club a couple of years ago, I began to put more effort into club activities, even during New Year's holidays I was practicing except New Year's Day. "Mr. Emi who has become so-called" club activities widow "state. "At first I thought it was something like that, but I guess this state is not normal anymore." In the second word, I heard that "the future of children is ~ future" ~ Without having ears to opponent Her dissatisfaction and stress got exploding! !


by Javfinder