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日本AV "Akari". Slurry and elongated legs and eight teeth are charm points. Such a look is "Lady" why she is in the AV .... First, I will tell you in an interview. I asked him what he was supposed to do in some way sooner or later. Moreover, it is good. Promises shooting with an actor on another day as it is. High speed grinding woman on top posture & mass shrimp with warped warp order ... .... Akari's waist uses are excellent items.

都内某大学に通う現役女子大生“あかり”。スラリと伸びた美脚と八重歯がチャームポイント。そんな見た目は〝お嬢様〟な彼女が何故AVに…。まずは面接でお話。なんだかすぐにでもヤらせてくれそうな雰囲気にダメ元でお願いしてみると「フェラくらいだったら…」と快諾。しかも上手い。そのままの流れで別日に男優との撮影を約束。高速グラインドの騎乗位&エビ反り正常位で大量顔射…。あかりちゃんの腰使いは絶品です。 by Javfinder