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セックス エロ A man who snoozes at a coin-operated laundry and a man who sneaks out of her shop at Okazu and goes out of the store once. After that, the underwear that is wearing now also starts washing and goes to sleep again, the man who came to visit and begins to relax noopan to Okazu again. She thought that girls would be awake and eventually get angry or was actually pretending to sleep. She reached out to the man 's cheek.

コインランドリーで居眠りする女子と彼女のパンチラをオカズにこっそりしていたせんずりがばれて一旦店を出る男。その後、今着ている下着も洗濯を始めてまた居眠りすると、先ほどの男が訪れノーパンをオカズに再度せんずりを始める。やがて女子が目を覚まし、怒られると思いきや実は眠っているフリをしていた彼女は男のチ○ポに手を伸ばし…。 by Javfinder