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Pretty Face, Beautiful Breast Exclusive · Kase Kanako Face the First "Chara Men" in Life! ! Vigilance and tension transmitted from images as well. She appeared in the drama work of the royal road in Madonna, and her only contact with a calm actor is eroded by a bad mood of the Parispi! ! If I thought that ... it was an hour drinking alcohol. She seemed very fun drunk a little! And Chara man 1 assaulted her gone to the bathroom! In this way SEX starts clearly with Kanase Kanako Chara...

美顔、美乳の専属・加瀬かなこが人生初の「チャラ男」とご対面!!映像からも伝わる警戒心と緊張。マドンナで王道のドラマ作品に出演し、落ち着きのある男優としか接触のない彼女が、パリピの悪ノリに蝕まれる!!…と思っていたら、お酒を飲んで1時間―。ほんのり酔った彼女はとても楽しそう!そして、トイレに行った彼女をチャラ男 1が突撃!こうして加瀬かなことチャラ男のどっきりSEXがスタートする!!

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