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Suddenly, girls ○ students attacked by a strange man in a closed room unobtrusive. Pick up the nipple in a situation where you can not escape or give out a voice ... Pull, pull, turn kneading! If you keep on being accused persistently, you will get strange! The reason is crazy, whole body gagging, I can not stand it and I leak a lot! Do not stop when it feels ... the girl who estrus asked until SEX...

突然、人目につかない密室で見ず知らずの男に襲われた女子○生。逃げることも、声を出すことも出来ない状況で乳首を…摘んで、引っ張り、こねくり回す! しつこく責められ続けると異変が! 理性が狂いだし、全身ガクブル、我慢できずに大量お漏らしイキ! 感じだしたら止まらず…発情した少女がSEXまで求めだす!!

by Javfinder