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A man who aims at a pretty, beautiful woman who came to his house. Sneak up on the blind spot and snipe the aphrodisiac in the cheek and snap instantly from the back! ! Desperately resisting but jiwiwa aphrodisi began to work ... the sensitivity rises rapidly! ! Bikubiku cramp! Full body frustration! Strong insertion of force Staying crazy forgetting work with a piston! It contains five 'working women' who were made aphrodisiac at home of the visit....

自宅にやって来た可愛くて、綺麗な職女を狙う男。死角をついてこっそりチ○ポに媚薬を塗り込むとバックから即ハメ!! 必死に抵抗するもジワジワ媚薬が効き始め…感度は急上昇!! ビクビク痙攣! 全身ガクガク! 力づくの奥挿しピストンで仕事も忘れてイキ狂う! 訪問先の自宅で媚薬狂いにさせられた‘働く女’5人収録。

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