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Departure for Prestige exclusive actress "Ayari Suzumura" and a free-air spa tour! While wrapped in soft sunlight, aiming is a relaxing hot spring innocence! If you do not mind eye-catching at the seaside smelling sea breeze or strawberry farm, it is natural for you to feel ugly! As you arrive at the inn, you kiss like greed, and the caresses of caress as instinct! No matter how many times he caught him, he was furiously disoriented with his waist and he drowned in pleasure with his voice ruined! I got into a drunkard and tried bullying, got a nude before going to bed, I gotta roll up early in the open-air bath. Enjoy a 2-day one-day hot-spring trip to immerse yourself in pleasure as much as you want...

プレステージ専属女優『鈴村 あいり』と自由気ままな温泉旅へ出発!柔らかな陽射しに包まれながら、目指すは思いっきりくつろげる温泉宿!潮風薫る海辺やイチゴ農園で人目を気にせずイチャつけば、ムラムラするのも当たり前!宿に着くなり貪るようにキスを交わし、本能のままに愛撫の応酬!何度絶頂を迎えても休むことなく激しく腰を振り乱し、声を荒げて快感に溺れる!ほろ酔いになってイジメまくってみたり、おやすみ前にひとヌキしてもらったり、早朝の露天風呂でヤリまくったり…。思う存分快楽に浸る一泊二日の温泉旅をご堪能ください♪

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