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Prestige exclusive actress "Mari Aijima" tempts my sister's boyfriend ♪ When I was walking in an alley with few passengers, strange men came in. I was stuck with persistence, and a man that looks like a warm guy helped and helped me! When coming home coming home thinking of him, he was with my sister living together at that time in his house .... Maria can not control the spiraling love, and Maria is planning to steal her sister's boyfriend with a hard way! At one point suddenly embraced and confessed, and at one time suddenly pushed his house, cooked rice, stretched the body and attacked it! When boldly making an attack to make things anything, he indecisively begins to forgive the mind and body little by little ....

プレステージ専属女優『愛音 まりあ』が妹の彼氏を誘惑♪人通りの少ない路地を歩いていると、変な男がナンパしてきた…。しつこく迫られて困っていたところ、温厚そうな男性が身を挺して助けてくれた!彼のことを思いながら帰宅すると、同居している妹とイチャついているあの時の彼が我が家に…。湧き上がる恋心を抑え切れず、まりあは強硬手段で妹の彼氏強奪を画策!ある時はいきなり抱きついて告白してみたり、またある時は彼の家に突然押しかけてご飯を作ってあげたり身体を張って襲い掛かってみたり!何が何でもモノにするべく大胆に攻め込んでいくと、優柔不断な彼は少しずつ心と身体を許し始める…。

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