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21-year-old beautiful girl "Fujie Fumiho" with a soft smile enters the AV world as a prestige exclusive actress! A beautiful girl with a gentle heart that does not stick to anything exposes bare skin in front of the camera! A smile giving warmth to the surroundings, a glossy bust that is fruitful in soft transparent skin, curiosity to pleasure boiling with embarrassment .... A beautiful girl full of charm never decorates, challenging 'first experience' with the way it is. With a gentle kiss, when the caress to the bare skin begins, the stiff expression makes it more rigid, and the whole body shakes wiggly. The rich moist part tightens the fingers and the flesh sticks to seek even more stimulation, getting drunk with the cums of many times .... An absolute girl who was immersed in the unknown pleasure and admired the squirrel of the large instrument descended to Prestige...

柔らかな笑みを浮かべる21歳の美少女『藤江 史帆』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!何にも染まらぬ穏やかな心を持つ美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!周囲に温もりを与える笑顔、透き通るような柔肌に実る艶やかなバスト、恥ずかしさと共に沸き上がる快楽への好奇心…。魅力溢れる美少女は決して飾らず、ありのままの姿で‘初体験’に挑む。優しいキスを交わし、素肌への愛撫が始まると強張った表情がさらに硬直し、小刻みに全身を震わせる。潤い豊かな陰部はより一層の刺激を求めるように指や肉棒を締め付け、幾度もの絶頂に酔いしれていく…。未知の快楽に浸り、大器の片鱗を覗かせた絶対的美少女がプレステージに降臨!!

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