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From the exclusive popular series 【Private Pacopako Women's University】, carefully selected popular titles of complete shooting and recorded! Bringing female college students of 137 universities in Tokyo to the mobile tent, which is called photography of TV programs, we will cover the 'body' coverage! My boyfriend + Mr. Minori, a second-year college student with a sense of reputation that three people have sex. While enjoying the motemote life, she is not doing well with her boyfriend and being injured. "I want to be filled with etch!" Leave it to the momentum of alcohol and let the boob touch, so the crotch and tension of the staff will be MAX! If you lick a nipple that you are sensitive, feel comfortable with a voice as "pleasant ..."! Ascension as many times without distracting the place with a fierce woman on top! Please see the real sexual circumstances of 4 female college students!

独占人気シリーズ【私立パコパコ女子大学】より、完全撮りおろしの人気タイトルを厳選して収録!都内137大学の女子大生たちを、TV番組の撮影と称して移動式テントに連れ込み、‘体当たり’取材を敢行!彼氏+3人のセフレがいるという、リア充な大学2年生みのりちゃん。モテモテ生活を謳歌している一方で、彼氏と上手くいっておらず傷心中とのこと。「エッチで満たされたい!」とお酒の勢いに任せておっぱいを触らせてくるので、スタッフの股間とテンションはMAXに! 敏感だという乳首を舐めてあげると、「気持ちいい…」と甘えた声で感じまくり!激しい騎乗位で場所をわきまえずに何度も昇天!女子大生4名のリアルな性事情をとくとご覧あれ!

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