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My wife recently married to me as a former Yan who did not even have an amazement now DQN friends gathered together for a long time as a local friend celebrates and we decided to hold a drinking party! Although I disliked DQN as much as I am, my wife told me to introduce myself to my friends I refused to introduce myself We went without going to wake, but in a rare event! What...

今は面影すらない元ヤンだったという妻 最近僕と結婚をすることになり地元の友だちがお祝いということで久々にDQN仲間たちが集結し飲み会を開催してくれることになった!人一倍DQNが大嫌いな僕ではあるが 妻が仲間にボクを紹介したいというのを無下に断ることワケにもいかず参加したのだったが まさかのありえない事態に!

by Javfinder