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動画 エロ I heard that I play 'King's Game' with a woman, waiting happily with sake, but it is a complete lie ... The sudden appearance of 'Queen', the air in the hall is completely changed. A woman-led pleasure game, a name of 'Queen-like game', was dropped off, letting men service the sound of the whip, as the woman did not end until satisfaction -

懇親会という名目で集められた男4名。女性と一緒に‘王様ゲーム’をすると聞き、お酒も交えて楽しげに待っていたが、それは全くの嘘で…突然の「女王様」の登場に、会場の空気は一変。鞭の音を合図に、男達に奉仕させ、女が満足するまで終わらない女主導の快楽ゲーム、その名も‘女王様ゲーム’の幕は切って落とされた― by Javfinder