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For some reason recently it's too beautiful in various industries. No, in particular it is not "too much" ... Ahmi is a 28-year-old young wife. I am bothering at home. It is never a beautiful woman, but it is good that the facial features and voices of an odorious system are cute. It seems that there are still no cheating experiences, but there seems to be discontent piling up

どうも近頃は色んな業界で「美しすぎる~」乱発しすぎです。いやいや特に「すぎ」でもないし…あみさんは28歳の若妻です。自宅にお邪魔してます。 決して美人さんではないのですが、おっとり系の顔立ちと声が可愛いのが良いのです。浮気経験はまだないそうですが、積もる不満はあるようで by Javfinder