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A married wife, having a propensity to love only a woman, inadvertently puts out his hand to the daughter-in-law. I will press closer to regret. If you know such a pleasant thing, I can not live without anymore. Rich kissing of women and women, relentless caressing. Repetitive cum. Even if you do it, it is still not enough! Damn them into a pleasant gesture.

女しか愛せない性癖を持つ人妻ちほは、義理の娘れんに、うっかり手を出してしまった。後悔するちほに迫るれん。あんな気持ちいいこと知っちゃったら、もうアレなしじゃ生きていけない。女と女の濃厚な接吻、執拗な愛撫。繰り返す絶頂。やってもやっても、まだ足りない! オ○ンコをグチョグチョに濡らして快楽を貪り合う。

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