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【AIKA's Private, One Day Angry Warrior Period Attacks! It is! Amateur audition was being held in some places in Tokyo ... It is an excavation audition that confidently has confidence in AIKA! Participants are from AIKA fans a man who touches 100 gals, a legendary Nanpa master, an aspiring actor, etc ... So ... the eyelids of this time are! If you can seriously get caught up with a million, you have 1 million yen! Is it? Finally the book enters the full private of the AV world No1. Black Girl AIKA! It is!

【AIKAのプライベートに、ある日怒涛のモテ期が襲う!!】都内某所で素人オーディションが開催されていた…それは、AIKAをおとす自信がある人発掘 オーディション!参加者は、AIKAファンからギャル100人喰い男、伝説のナンパ師、俳優志望、などさまざま…そう…今回の目玉は!本気でおとしてガチ カップルになれたら100万円が!?遂に本中がAV界No1.黒ギャルAIKAの完全プライベートに潜入!!

by Javfinder