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エロ動画  Let's make my son's distorted peculiar! The fifth project of the plan! We are looking for a mother as a woman seeking a son of distorted idiosyncrasies, helping with your desire. As a luxury hotel hits the sweepstakes, let her deceive her mother, invite her mother and make time for two people. A son who tries to confess in love in a romantic atmosphere! What will happen to the endings of the 4 pairs of parents and children! What?

息子の歪んだ性癖を叶えよう!という企画の第5弾!母親を女として見ている歪んだ性癖の息子を募集して、願望のお手伝い。高級ホテルが懸賞で当たったと母親を騙してもらい、母親を誘い出し、二人っきりの時間を作る。ロマンチックな雰囲気の中、愛の告白を試みる息子!4組の親子の結末はどうなってしまうのか!? by Javfinder