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エロ Pinzaro, Box Hell, traveling hosts Haping bars and suspicious rumors of rumors in the streets AV actress Momoko Kana pierces squatting! Momokono researcher thoroughly reports using the body to the backside of the customs that ANATA wanted to know! Practice practicing lecturers for clerks! I will make it cool with the idiot of AV actress and pride! Should be! What? Momokono surveyor is caught in a technique of losing amateur 's actor! Dangerous! I will be squid (sweat)

ピンサロ、箱ヘル、出張ホストにハプニングバーと街で噂の怪しい風俗店にAV女優桃乃木かなが体当たり潜入取材!アナタが知りたかった風俗の裏側を桃乃木調査員がカラダを使って徹底リポート!店員さんにレクチャーを受けいざ実践!AV女優の意地とプライドをかけガチマジモードでイカせます!のはずが!?性欲旺盛な素人さんの男優顔負けのテクニックに桃乃木調査員がイカされまくり!ヤバイッ!イカされちゃうよぉ(汗) by Javfinder