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エロ動画 Transfer student Sena Ai is a topic as a mysterious beautiful girl, and it is the focus of attention in school. But her aim was to investigate the annoyance of drug trafficking involving a bad group of schools. Although it was Sena who finally managed the dealings site, a classmate who fell in love with her and was wearing afterwards was caught and became a hostage, and two people are administered medicated.

転校生の星奈あいはミステリアスな美少女として話題となり学校中の注目の的に。しかし彼女の目的は学校の不良グループが関与している麻薬密売を殲滅するための潜入捜査だった。遂に取り引き現場をおさえた星奈だったが彼女に恋し後を着けていた同級生が捉えられて人質になり、2人揃ってクスリを投与されてしまう。 by Javfinder