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Uchi 's house inside went to the prefectural tournament on land in school days or something ... Well, anyway, I used to be a very slender milky - looking woman from olden days. Because it is such a slender family, even if the natural forward tilting posture that comes out in everyday life something, it was said that there were many things that became a so-called floating bra breast chira situation .... When asking for renovation thing at home the other day, the old man who visited by the construction, watching the nipple in my wife, looking at the fly girl looking pretty aggressively ... ....

ウチの家内は学生時代に陸上で県大会に行ったとか何とかで…まあ何せ、昔から、とてもスレンダーな微乳体型の女でした。そんな細身の家内なので、日常生活 の中で出る自然な前傾姿勢なんかでも、いわゆるひとつの浮きブラ胸チラ状態になる事は多々あったと言えばあったのですが…。先日自宅のリフォーム的な事を 頼んだ際に、その施工で訪れた業者のおっさんが、家内の乳首を、かなり積極的に、チラ見ガン見してらっしゃいまして…。

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