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エロ A newly married couple in the second year of marriage. My wife supports her husband 's servant very hard every day to her kenage as a housewife. Actually, there is a problem that one person can never face towards the face to himself .... One day, I came to visit our house, I wandered about my troubles, "My mother's mother, Reiko san" who drifted in the mature woman's colorfulness as well. is. "Your mother-in-law, the wife's dinner's cooking is ... it's tasteless ...".

結婚2年目の新婚若夫婦。嫁さんは主婦としてケナゲに毎日一生懸命に夫の僕をサポートしてくれているのですが…。実はひとつだけ、本人には決して面と向かって言えない、悩みがありまして…。ある晩我が家を訪ねてきてくれた、これまた何とも熟れた女の色香をむんむんに漂わす「嫁さんの母親、麗子さん」と、ふたりきりになった僕は、思い切ってその悩みを相談してみたのです。「お義母さん、よっ嫁の料理が…不味いんです…」と。 by Javfinder