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セックス エロ As I was wearing a suit and about the work I was doing, I decided to do the work of the latin system. When I was saying "What is my life like my life", I was greeted with a strange eye to my neighbors Yamama who had never been greeted before, so that "What is this close contact" is in a situation! Perhaps Gaten system is popular with Yan Mama?

いままでスーツを着てカタい仕事についていた僕が、ガテン系の仕事をすることになった。「この先どうなんだろう僕の人生」ってときに今まで挨拶もかえされたことがなかった近所のヤンママさんに色っぽい目線で声をかけられ、「えっなにこの密着」って状況に!もしかしてヤンママにはガテン系の方がモテるのか? by Javfinder