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セックス I asked for my mistake as a pretext and repeatedly asked for my body and signed a slave contract as a director of sexual desire of sexual desire. I was drunk with a suspicious liquid and the body became hot. I was smoking with an obscene sound making a thick tongue of the director as reason. I was excited for some reason when I thought that I was being fucked by a man other than my husband now because he was throbbed by a manager who is thrusting my throat many times with a big meat stick and will not stop even if it is about to stop spitting.

仕事でのミスが重なり部長に呼び出された私。そのミスを口実に私のカラダを何度も求めてきて部長の性欲のハケグチとして奴隷契約にサインをしてしまいました。怪しい液体を飲まされカラダが熱くなってきた私は理性のまま部長の分厚い舌を卑猥な音を立てて吸っていました。私の喉奥を大きい肉棒で何度も突かれ吐きそうになっても止まらない部長の喉奥責めで、今夫以外の男に犯されていると思うと何故か興奮してしまいました。 by Javfinder