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エロ Often it will lead me to lead in the night life. On the other hand, I wanted to play hard work such as word blame and spanking, etc., from experience that I was quite ashamed to him of the former student, this time I was to appear to make that wish come true. Unlike so far, shooting started with an actor's lead. From Kiss repeated with gentle touch, Mr. Riyuu who is restrained by the wrist and fiddled with the whole body. A pleasant pleasure that attacks her every time it hits her whispers in the ear also hits her, "Why did you want to be like this?

学校で音楽を教えている玉城莉空さん。柔和で癒し系な雰囲気に、大きく膨らむ胸の谷間は、性欲旺盛な男子生徒達の目線を無意識に釘付けにしていることでしょう。プライベートでも、最近彼氏が出来らしいのですが、お相手は元教え子で今年19歳になる大学生。夜の生活では自分がリードしていくこともしばしば。反面『言葉責めやスパンキングなどのハードなプレイをやってみたい』と元教え子の彼にはなかなか恥ずかしくて言えなかった経験から、今回はその願望を叶えるべく出演頂くことになりました by Javfinder