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無料 エロ For the sake of our lives, I have decided to start a part at a restaurant. Both the manager and the big owner had good relations, and the job was also smooth. For the big tree that was attracted to the pretty appearance of Ai, the situation of two people alone was enough to explode the inferiority that accumulated in the stagnation. I refuse to suddenly, but I can not go against the desire I had sunk in the depths of my body and it was sent to the pleasure

生活の為、レストランでパートを始める事になったあいり。店長の大木とも関係は良好で、仕事も順調だったが…。あいりの可憐な姿にいつしか心惹かれた大木にとって、二人きりという状況は溜まりに溜まった劣情を爆発させるのに十分なものだった。突然の事に拒むあいりだが身体の奥底に沈んでいた欲望に逆らえず快楽の淵へと流されて…。痺れるような余韻に心奪われた彼女の元へ再び大木は現れて by Javfinder