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動画 エロ Mako who got married to his son who was introduced to his boss at work. However, in fact he was romantic about his boss Tetsuzo. Makiko who is serious and can not be reluctant will get married without telling the thought to Tetsuza and become a relationship of "father-in-law" and "bride". Mako who can not forget the thought to Tetsuza has never done sexual acts after marriage without having a good relationship with her husband

職場の上司に紹介された息子と結婚する事になった真子。しかし、実は上司である哲造に恋心を抱いていたのだ。真面目で断れない性格の真子は、哲造に想いを伝える事もなく結婚してしまい「義父」と「嫁」という関係になってしまう。哲造への想いを忘れられない真子は、夫との関係が上手くいくはずもなく結婚してから一度も性行為をしていない。そんな中、夫の家族との同居が決まり、家族の歪んだ秘密を知ってしまった真子は…。 by Javfinder