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日本AV Mr. Akuri Akira who was husband's unemployed and lived in his parents house instead of receiving assistance from father-in-law. My father lived in a wheelchair and needed help from Shuri who was originally working as a helper. However, my eyesight of the father feels something beyond that. One day my father was suddenly hugging. Zhu Li ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Then father-in-law is accusing dunky cunnie, blaming sensitive sensitive pussy of Zhu's river every day.

夫が失業し、義父からの援助を受ける代わりに実家で暮らす事になった朱里夫婦。義父は車いすで生活していて、元々ヘルパーの仕事をしていた朱里の助けが必要だったのだ。しかし、義父の視線はそれ以上の何かを感じる。そんなある日、義父が突然抱きついてきた。抵抗するも「援助を止める」と言われ、仕方なく義父の行為を受け入れる朱里。すると義父は容赦の無い卑猥なクンニで朱里の敏感なオマンコを毎日、責め立てて…。 by Javfinder