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エロ Momoko, a young soap mother working at a married mass public soap store, worked without a break to pay the surgery fee of her husband's mother. One day, Sugiura, a company employee, brought him to a colleague and came. Momoko kissing slowly to the lips of Sugiura who trembled with tension, gently smiled and layered his body. Then Mokoyu, who attracted regular attention from Sugiura's husband 's original intention, sincerely honored by her honest feelings, headed to Sugiura' s house as a single woman, not as a mother of soap.

人妻大衆ソープ店で働く新人ソープ嬢の桃子は、夫の母親の手術代を支払う為に休みなく働いていた。そんなある日、会社員の杉浦が同僚に連れられてやって来た。緊張で身体を震わせる杉浦の唇にゆっくりと口づけをする桃子は、優しく微笑みながら身体を重ねていった。それから定期的に来店する杉浦の、夫にはない初心で誠実な熱い想いに惹かれていった桃子は、ソープ嬢としてではなく一人の女として杉浦の家へと向かい…。 by Javfinder