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セックス エロ I had a happy dinner with my wife at my brother 's couple' s house after marriage. My brother 's wife Mr. Chaoyang is a good wife for his older brother. However, after supper, Mr. Chaoyang cried in my chest that brother may be cheating. Even after a few days from that day, my brother 's cheating flight was not clearing, Chaoyang of a floating face kissed me beside my older brother sleeping. When I am confused, Mr. Chaoyang pushed me down, just as close to my brother .... ★ To purchase items from the adult book "Mizuno Chaoyang Photo Album" ★

結婚して半年の僕は妻と一緒に兄貴夫婦の家で楽しく夕食を囲んでいた。兄貴の妻の朝陽さんはスタイルも良くて兄貴にはぴったりの奥さんだ。しかし夕食後、兄貴が浮気しているかもしれないと朝陽さんが僕の胸に泣きついてきた。その日から数日経っても兄貴の浮気疑惑は晴れず、浮かない顔の朝陽さんは兄貴が寝ている横で僕にキスをしてきた。僕が戸惑っていると朝陽さんは僕を押し倒して、そのまま兄貴のすぐそばで…。★アダルトブック「水野朝陽写真集」の商品ご購入はこちらから★ by Javfinder