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カリビアンコム エロ Umemiya, a designer of a beautiful girl character, was asking the housekeeper association to go to a housekeeper and was having days asking for personal care. One day, a domestic worker becomes a cecum and a Ikuta family - run woman is dispatched as a proxy. Umemiya of an amateur virgin was too beautiful and looked at the appearance of a feminine Ikuta family-run woman and the male unit which had become ED from the busy work was recovered. More than that, the sexual desire and action to Ikuta family married woman began. What is the action she took for sexual act ... .... ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ purchase adult book "Hatano Yui 2018 calendar" items here ☆

美少女キャラのデザイナーの梅宮は家政婦協会に家政婦を依頼し身の回りの世話をお願いする日々を過ごしていた。そんなある日、家政婦が盲腸になり代理として生田家政婦が派遣される。素人童貞の梅宮は余りにも美しく妖艶な生田家政婦の姿を見て仕事の忙しさからEDになっていた男性器が回復した。それより生田家政婦への性的な欲求と行為が始まる。性的行為を求められた彼女が取った行動とは…。☆アダルトブック「波多野結衣 2018年カレンダー」の商品ご購入はこちらから☆

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