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セックス It's an Ikaasu in full-length uniform! Marin is a girl who matches glasses and uniforms. It is the story of this time that the delusion will stop stopping while watching such a daughter. The uniform that comes out is a school swimsuit with four uniforms of white long-sleeved sailor uniform, short-sleeved sailor uniform, ribbon uniform on the best, long-sleeved blue sailor black stockings! Marikin's excitement is also wonderful. While looking at the empty sky, Ikusa does not stop to like Ika! Do not miss it!

全編制服のイカセものです!まりんちゃんはメガネと制服が似合う女の子。そんな娘をみているうちに妄想が止まらなくなるというのが今回のお話。出てくる制服は白長袖セーラー服、半袖セーラー服、ベストにリボンの制服、長袖紺セーラー黒ストッキングの4制服にスクール水着つきです!まりんちゃんのイキっぷりも素晴らしいです。虚空を見つめながらイク姿はイカセ好きにはたまりません!お見逃しなく! by Javfinder