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セックス 動画 Miss Delrieher who came to work in Tokyo from the provinces. When a mother-in-law writer interviewed, they took a picture of the acts that they did with them. Deliher missing people who work in various circumstances, local accentual tone is cute anyway! Ladies who speak Osaka, Fukuoka and Kyoto dialect take off their slugs in the unfamiliar city and see the whole story that exposed Doskebe!

地方から都内へ出稼ぎに来たデリヘル嬢。とある風俗ライターが取材の際、彼女たちと本番行為をした様子を撮影していたという。様々な事情で出稼ぎをするデリヘル嬢たちは、地元の訛り口調がとにかく可愛い!大阪、福岡、京都弁を話す嬢たちが慣れない都会でハメを外しハメられ、ドスケベ姿を晒した一部始終をご覧あれ! by Javfinder