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Azusa that you did not ask for a boss to your husband and you accessed an adultery site to fill that loneliness. It seems to be a woman who seems to be very gentle to respond with a smile to the first meeting person, but also one side that shows loneliness at the time of a loss .... If you move to play you act as it is ashamed because it is ashamed, but gradually fascinated by a pleasure when pleasure comes to mind, I have requested a violent piston! * In the main part, mosaic processing on the face is not done.

ご主人にカラダを求められなくなり、その寂しさを埋めるために不倫サイトにアクセスしたという梓さん。初対面の僕にも笑顔で対応しとても優しそうな女性に思えるのですが、ふとした時に寂しさを見せる一面も…。プレイに移れば恥じらいからかニコニコしながら行為をするが、次第に快楽が身に染みてくると淫乱な女を魅せ激しいピストンを要求してきました!  ※本編では顔にモザイク処理はしておりません。

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