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One day suddenly, Mr. Yoshikawa was told from her husband "I do not mind to make a SEX partner." While thinking that it is a joke, the reality that you are not satisfied with your husband's SEX will ignite her libido !! How does a smile that gives a healthy body and healing change with pleasure? Have a look .... * 2/2 - 2/8 Private Limited until 23: 59

ある日突然、ご主人から「SEXパートナーを作っても構わないよ。」と告げられた吉川さん。冗談だと思いつつ、ご主人とのSEXに満足出来ていないという現実が彼女の性欲に火を付ける!!健康的な体と癒しを与える微笑みは快楽と交わるとどう変化していくのか?ご覧あれ…。 ※2/2~2/8 23:59までの限定公開

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