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The prestige exclusive actress "Kurokawa salina" spreads sexual intercourse of sweaty juice! Sweat, saliva, love juice, tide. Use the body fluid secret from the body to the full, awaken each other's secret desires! If saliva intertwines, affection overflows, if body fluids intertwine, coloring will rise. Heaty caress brought us uncomfortable pleasure, spurt a lot of tide from the pub! Even in the frequent culmination storm, I am not satisfied enough, and I am disturbed severely in search of pleasure. Every body fluid that dyes an obsessive body leads to the pleasures that Kurokawa Salina could not know until now! !

プレステージ専属女優『黒川 サリナ』が汗だく汁だくの濃密性交を繰り広げる!汗、唾液、愛液、潮。身体から分泌される体液を存分に使い、互いの秘めた欲望を呼び覚ます!唾液が絡み合えば愛情があふれ出し、体液が絡み合えば色欲が湧き上がる。熱のこもった愛撫が尋常ならざる快感をもたらし、陰部から多量の潮を噴出!度重なる絶頂の嵐の中でも飽き足らず、さらなる快感を求めて激しく腰を振り乱していく…。淫美な身体を染め上げる体液全てが、黒川サリナを今まで知り得なかった快楽の境地へと導く!!

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