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Prestige exclusive actress 'Yoshikawa lotus' finally 'inside crease' lifted! Even raw inserts are the first in life! While seeking various thoughts, such as expectation and anxiety, we will seek the first pleasure .... Having a gentle kiss and carefully caressing glossy limbs, blush the cheeks so far and enjoy the stimulation! The body was shaken violently with live insertion that was longing for, and it gets frenzied by the heat that spreads immediately! I caress the heat of sperm bruising deep inside the vagina, and I will soak in pleasure

ABP-702 吉川蓮 なまなかだし 22 ‘妊娠必至’の特濃中出し6本番!!

プレステージ専属女優『吉川 蓮』が遂に‘中出し’解禁!中出しはおろか生挿入も人生初!期待や不安等、様々な思いを巡らせながら初めての快感を求めていく…。優しいキスを交わし、艶かしい肢体をじっくりと愛撫をすれば、今までにない程頬を赤らめて刺激を堪能!待ち望んでいた生挿入で身体は激しく震え上がり、直に染み渡る熱に狂乱!膣奥深くににじむ精子の熱をかみ締めて、愉悦に浸っていく…。客を誘惑するセクシーバニーになってみたり、ボーイに蹂躙されるキャバ嬢になってみたり!4シチュエーションで魅せる中出し6発の快感で、吉川蓮が我を忘れて乱れまくる!!

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