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エロ まん か 先生 Nekura virgin brother and rear brothers brother gap reversal TSF! Before going to bed, the older brother who discovered where the virgin brother was hurting and was bullying under the sentence of Furutin. Because of brother's brother who became a root dark virginity by brotherhood disparity with teenage brother-in-law, my brother was a female body when I got up in the morning! Brother who transformed himself into a beautiful woman who likes himself is knocked down with decachin who is not going to use, and his brother's revenge begins ...! !

ネクラ童貞弟とリア充兄の兄弟格差逆転TSF!寝る前に童貞弟がオナっている所を発見し、フルチンの刑に処して虐めていた兄。イケメンリア充兄との兄弟格差で根暗童貞になった弟の呪いにより、朝起きたら兄は女体化していた!まんまと自分好みの美女に変身した兄を、使う予定のないデカチンでハメ倒し、弟のエロ復讐が始まる…!! by Javfinder