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A new stimulus is given to the housewife who spends mediocre every day .... This time I applied for the 29-year-old "Kujyo-kaka" living in Setagaya-ku. She is sexless with her husband and loses her sexual desire and she wants to taste stimuli that have never existed before. Even if asked for blowjob in the car suddenly, without feeling confused, it gets deliciously caught in a moist tongue. If you can relax your neck and your pubs relentlessly, you will remember the pleasure of squirting, if you enclose the cock in a lotion-covered butt, you will move your waist back and forth to lead to ejaculation. Taste the feeling of the waiting rod, crown as she sways soft breast up and down. I abandoned the shame and drowned in pleasure, I will release the desire I have accumulated ....

平凡な毎日を過ごす専業主婦たちに新たな刺激を…。今回応募してきたのは世田谷区在住の29歳『九条 円香』さん。旦那とのセックスレスで性欲を持て余し、今までにない刺激を味わいたいという彼女。いきなり車内でフェラを求められても戸惑うことなく、ねっとりとした舌遣いで美味しそうに咥え込む。首や陰部を執拗に弄ばれれば初めて潮吹きの悦びを覚え、ローションまみれの尻で肉棒を包み込めば腰を前後に動かして射精へと導いていく。待ち望んだ肉棒の感触を味わい、柔らかな乳房を上下に揺らしながら絶頂を迎える。恥じらいを捨てて快楽に溺れ、溜め込んできた欲望を解放していく…。

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