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エロ動画 "Trans-Strong face (TSF)" ... It is a mask of a curse that will become a female body in conjunction with anger's voltage Men's wrestling wrestling, male vs. woman's tits breast erotic pro-wrestling! Beware of men's wrestler with women as a weapon KO!Fall professional wrestler Tsutsumi Shohei gets wrestler's life and rises to a ring of re-debut as a mysterious masked wrestler

落ち目のプロレスラー堤ショウヘイはレスラー人生を賭け、謎の覆面レスラー「トランス・ストロング・フェイス(TSF)」として再デビューのリングに上がるのだが…怒りのボルテージに連動して女体化してしまう呪いのマスクで男同士のプロレスが一転、男VS女の爆乳エロプロレスに!女を武器に男子レスラーを悩殺KO! by Javfinder