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セックス 動画 Divorced her husband ten years ago, Lina raised Taichi with one girl and became big Taichi could get a job at a real estate company. However Taichi did not try to move from his home, which took more than an hour to the company one way. Lina did not take a break or go for fun and Taichi who did not bring her friends or her was worried. To occasionally take it outside, Lina invited Taichi for a hot spring trip.

10年前に夫と離婚をして、リナは女手一つで太一を育て、大きくなった太一は不動産会社に就職できた。しかし会社まで片道で1時間以上かかる自宅から、太一は引っ越そうとはしなかった。休みも遊びに行くこともなく、友達や彼女を連れてくることもない太一にリナは不安を募らせていた。たまには外に連れ出そうと、リナは太一を温泉旅行に誘うのだった。 by Javfinder