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セックス Celebration !! Entrance! The cherry blossom season came this year and a lot of new female college students came born! At first, the campus life of Ubu girls quickly turns into SEX life !! Bold SEX from feeling of liberation, drunk It is the definitive version of spring this spring that included 50 hours of female college students who wake up to a new play or technique awakening to a new play and technique for 4 hours!

祝!!ご入学!!今年も桜の季節がやってきて新たな女子大生がたくさん誕生!!!最初はウブな娘たちのキャンパスライフはすぐにSEXライフに変わる!!解放感からの大胆SEX、酔った勢いでSEX、新しいプレイやテクニックに目覚めてオトナになっていく女子大生50人を4時間も収録した今春の決定版!! by Javfinder