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pretty girl November 2017 "There is a pretty girl who comes to an AV actress event," it was rumored within the SOD company. Director who heard the rumor: The star shoot approaches Shirase Nanami, the common man. As a result of stacking attacks Shirase confessed that "I want to H like an AV in reality ...". And finally like AVdebut amateur, I like H paranoia, I fell in love with you as sensitive as thighs!

2017年11月「AV女優イベントに来る可愛い女の子がいる」とSOD社内で噂になっていた。噂を聞きつけた監督:星シュートは、一般人・白瀬ななみにアプローチをかける。積み重なるアタックの結果白瀬から「実はAVみたいなHがしてみたい…」と告白。そしてついにAVdebut 素人なのにHな妄想好きで、太ももでイクほど敏感な君に惚れた!

by Javfinder