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セックス Yuri Ogura challenges the first full-length subjective drama! ● Childhood friend's yuki who started dating at school is a sudden change to a daughter wanting a transcendent seeking Ji-Po! In the classroom, in the public health room, in the change room, in the room ... in the room full of estrus mode Even in circumstances where she can be found by mothers and friends, no matter who may stay in! What? Why do not you experience romance with Yanai and your heart pounding?

小倉由菜ちゃんが初の全編主観ドラマに挑戦!●校で付き合い始めた幼馴染の由菜は、チ○ポを求める超絶欲しがり娘に豹変!教室で、保健室で、更衣室で、部屋で…発情モード全開の彼女は母親や友達に見つかりかねない状況でも、スイッチが入れば誰が居ようとお構いなし!?あなたも由菜とドキドキの恋愛体験してみませんか? by Javfinder