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JAV사이트 Although the rare had a favor with his former boss, he married his husband in the same place and left the company. The relationship between married couples was good, but the mismatch has also increased. Such a situation, a pandemic disease occurred in the company, it became a situation where neither binary nor trisega was going, the husband asked rarely for help. Rare said that they would be willing to cooperate and made a limited time restoration. In my office there was only the old boss and I understood that the current situation is serious. My boss and my husband were pleased with the work not to feel a rare blank. My husband went out for delivery, and only with my boss. Were you overworked, your boss was asleep at the desk. Rare who saw that sleeping face remembered that romance at that time and kissed. I came back to work and came back to work ... the next day I go to work at a couple and start working. When my husband went out, it happened. My boss appeared under a rare desk and said yesterday's kiss this. To my extraordinary rush, the boss took a brute force and embraced the rare. In the office where there are only two people, the rare will be hit by the boss. At a later date employees returned safely, the rare returned to the housewife again. When the chime rumbled suddenly during the day, the boss was standing there. I was pushed down in the living room, and the rice was again bruised by my boss. My boss embraced the rare again and again, as if he had seen the rare frustration. From that day the rare had continued relations with his boss. My husband did not know this relationship. My boss told me to bring the rare to the company, until I showed sex acts in front of me ....


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