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My wife loved kids and said they wanted to get pregnant soon. In the past, he had been acting sexually in nature, but recently the degree of ovulation days has forced the seeds to be narrowed down. However, my wife who was depressed by menstruation was poor and I was cooperating. Two people went to the hospital and inspected. On the day the result arrived, I went to pick up my mother-in-law and returned to my house, the semi-frenzied wife was crying. My wife had a constitution not to become pregnant. I comforted my wife. When my wife first saw a mother-in-law, I asked if my mother-in-law had menstruation. My wife smiled with a full smile to her mother-in-law who replied that she gave birth to a mother-in-law and laughed saying that we would give birth to a couple. Neither I nor my mother-in-law got a nod in the dressing figure. And I held mother-in-law in front of my wife's eyes. My wife looked satisfied with the appearance in his mother-in-law. From that day, I embraced myself to impregnate my mother-in-law. I was deprived of my mother-in-law who gently accepted, and gradually the wife who gave Alecoly's mouth became annoying. Gradually my and mother-in-law came to adapt the body like a couple, I started to sex that it is not for my wife, but for my own will to infuse my mother-in-law, to seed my woman . And my heart wishes and my mother - in - law got pregnant. A wife and a mother-in-law who smile while hungry. I wonder how I should look at the smiles of their two people ....

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