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일본어 JAV A few years after my son died, my husband died this time. I did not go without any motivation. But I also tried to regain everyday life as I should face and live. My daughter and son-in-law are kindly concerned, and my son is alike to my son who died and I remember a little about that girl. One day, my girlfriend gave me a hot spring trip. Travel that seems to be fun for the first time in a long time, but I will follow my tongue. If that girl were alive ... I was invited to drink from my daughter, I got drunk I was held by my son and went to a futon. My son, who I thought she was sleeping, did not touch my body. Oh, after all with her. I felt that the senior wanted to embrace me for a long time and I thought that my son would someday hold him. I became happy and told my son-in-law about what I was tied to my son. My son told me to be a substitute for my son and made me happy over and over again. I also thought it was bad for my daughter, but I was the only one to marry son 's onna....


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